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Invitation to participate in the Events organized during the Project ActiveGovEdu

ActiveGovEdu Project team is pleased to invite you to attend two events organized in partnership, held between the 10th and 12th of May 2016, at the Timis County Youth Foundation (Timisoara Youth House, 19 Aries Street, Timisoara, Romania) and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from West University of Timisoara (16 Pestalozzi Street, Timisoara, Romania): a Learning module / Training in Advocacy and an International Conference / Event for Youth „Be an Active Citizen”.
Both events address to all interested persons, especially youth people, and they do not require any participation fee. More details are presented at the Events button. For registration please complete the registration forms available here for the Learning Module/Training in Advocacy and for International Conference/Event for Youth „Be an Active Citizen”.

We invite you to consult the:

  • Agenda and the Programme of the Learning Module / Training in Advocacy, organized on 10-11 May 2016 at the Timis County Youth Foundation;
  • Agenda and the final Programme of the International Conference / Event for Youth „Be an Active Citizen”, organized on the 12th of May 2016 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Any changes will be announced on the webpage as soon as possible (the Events section).

Target group registration and selection

Announcement for target group registration and selection regarding the Project
Opportunities and Challenges for Tertiary Educational System in Promoting Evidence-Informed Good Governance Society – ActiveGovEdu”

West University of  Timisoara in partnership with University of Iceland – Social Science Research Institute, Timis County Youth Foundation and Roma Women Association for our Children organize the registration and selection of the target group  for Project 15-SEE-PC-RO TIMISOA01 Opportunities and Challenges for Tertiary Educational System in Promoting Evidence-Informed Good Governance Society – ActiveGovEdu.

The selection will be realized for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Students. Teaching staff, youngsters, members of certain marginal communities, public authorities and NGOs in their protection field will also be included in the project as target group, based only on their registration. In case they are interested, individuals from the latter categories are invited to take part at any Project events or activities, without any participation fees.

Registration of target group within the Project will be based on the Registration Form (available here) to which the following documents will be attached:

  1. Copy of ID card;
  2. Curriculum vitae (Europass model);
  3. Application form – necessary only for BA / Master / Doctoral students (available here)
  4. Certificate defining the student status / Certificate defining the professional profile (job, employment status).
    !!! In order to prove knowledge of English language, BA / Master / Doctoral students are encouraged to attach a copy of a certificate proving knowledge of English (certificate issued by the Faculty/University, TOEFL, Cambridge etc.). Students registered to specializations taught in English language prove the knowledge of this language through the graduation of one academic year.

Non-governmental organizations and public authorities focused on the members of marginalized communities higher risks of democratic exclusion (Roma population, social groups with a low level income) may manifest the intention of cooperation and they will be addressed invitations to project activities.

The selection process will take place in November 2015.

For more details regarding the documents required for registration and selection process, please consult the Methodology of Target Group Selection available here. The selection process will take into account the motivation letter included in the Application form, the average grade for the year previously graduated, knowledge of English language and completion of extracurricular activities useful in realizing Project activities.

For additional information you can send an e-mail to proiect15seeactivegovedu@yahoo.ro.

West University of  Timisoara
Project Manager
Oana Ramona LOBONȚ

The evaluation list for the students registered in the target group of the Project is available in the Memoir of the target group selection.


Contract nr. 2/24/07.2015, finanţat prin Programul PROIECTE DE COOPERARE INTER-INSTITUTIONALA Programul „Fondul de burse” – RO15 Finanţat prin Mecanismul Financiar SEE 2009-2014